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The statement of the second step of the revolution is the renewal of the message addressed to the Iranian nation to the Iranian nation, especially the youth, which will be a charter for the second stage of self-construction, socialization and civilization and will mark the new chapter of the Islamic Republic.
This second step will bring the revolution closer to its great ideal, which is the creation of a new Islamic civilization and the preparation for the sunrise of the great province (the souls of the martyrs).

 The Arka Civilization Research Institute and Thought Institute, relying on the same statement, along with youthfulness, has brought together young experts in various fields in order to achieve .this goal, God willing

The Arka Collection is based on a combined model of the Research Institute-School of Thought and has a non-university mechanism. He has put the field that helps advance these sciences on his agenda.

Arka means trustworthy and definitely based on our motto
We can and have proven that we can use the humanities in practice.

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Public Relations(PR): A set of calculated actions and efforts that each organization makes to communicate effectively and purposefully with the groups with which it interacts.

International Relations(IR):
It examines the relations between its country and other countries, governmental, non-governmental, independent, and multinational organizations. Interactions between your organization and other organizations at the transnational level and examining how the organization’s news is published globally are among the approaches in this section.

Planning to communicate with experts, thinkers, experts, elites, entrepreneurs and domestic and foreign investors in order to establish interaction, attract their support, receive and transfer technical, skill, educational and performance knowledge, etc. This is the section

Relationships between Public Relations and International Affairs at the Arca Institute for Civilization and Thought:
The spokesperson of the person in charge of public relations in internal (public relations) and foreign (international) interactions in order to establish optimal communication between the collection and the audience of the collection

Some general tasks of this section of the collection
1 Implementing macro-information policies, cooperating with the appropriate use of mass media
2 Responding to Target Communities
3 Creating a sense of connection between employees and related officials from within and between organizations
4 Honor the client

Some specific tasks in this section of the collection
1 Doing all the secretarial work
2 Assistants in selecting and hiring new people
3 Organize regular meetings with employees to listen to them and transfer them to the organization’s management
4 Requesting and following up the regular and timely attendance of the audience in the complex, internal and external meetings and signing the minutes

Some side tasks of this section of the collection
1 Execution of cultural and social affairs
2 Assist advertising and marketing (traditional or digital or both) if needed
3 Ideas and help different teams
4 Execution of appropriate and special matters